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CEO Atsuyoshi Shimizu

Representative Director Atsuyoshi Shimizu

We support the "realization of ideas" of partner companies regardless of the size of the company or business itself.
In order to create products (products/services) from "ideas" and grow continuously as a business, we face various challenges.

Based on the know-how cultivated in the advertising agency business specializing in the entertainment industry such as music and movies, and the operation and product planning of marketing shops specializing in the C2/F1 layer, boutique-type (specialized in the entertainment, beauty, medical, and IT fields) We provide store type consulting services.

Rather than an information service that only provides statistical data and know-how, we organize teams through alliances with the optimal staff and companies of the optimal scale for each project. We manage the development of projects in a hands-on format.

To turn the size of an idea into the size of a business

  • Specially controlled medical device sales manager
  • Shopify Partner Boot Camp Alumni
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Born in Okayama Prefecture


Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, Faculty of Business Administration

Utilizing a nationwide network of students of the same age while attending school, develop marketing services for students, TV extra casting, sales agency business for major broadband services, etc.


Joined Ozone Network Co., Ltd.

Joined an advertising agency specializing in the entertainment industry such as record makers and movie distribution companies as a new graduate. From 2004 to 2009, he was in charge of marketing and promotion strategies for various artists, with Japan's largest record maker as his main client.


Launched SBY business

While working at an advertising agency, he planned a marketing shop "SBY" targeting women in their teens and 20s at an in-house venture, and opened the first store in SHIBUYA109. Engaged in retail x marketing business.

With more than 50 TV exposures and more than 200 media exposures per year, the name recognition among the target audience is almost 100%. Rather than expanding business by opening multiple stores, the idea is to create a secondary business from the people, goods, and things that are accumulated there by firmly branding and increasing the value of one store.
At a time when there was no SNS, we planned and produced a number of hit products by responding to the needs of many companies, whether large or small, that wanted to capture the younger generation with precise marketing.


Incorporated the SBY business and transferred the business to a listed company

Appointed Director of SBY Co., Ltd.


Established Ritz Co., Ltd.

Appointed as Representative Director (current position)
Focusing on product management

Retired from SBY Co., Ltd. due to the expiration of his term of office, and assumed the position of advisor


Established BEAUTEX Co., Ltd.

Appointed as Representative Director (current position)
Mainly operates cross-border EC